WCRW Election Committee Message

Spring is here! This weather makes me so happy to live in Utah's Dixie!

March's luncheon's featuring Former Congressman Jason Chaffetz was exceptional. It was cool to get to know Jason a little better and learn about his philosophies. We are grateful he willing came and shared with us! We had about 100 people attend which meant that the luncheon attendees (both members and guest) donated almost $500 to the Embracing Our Heroes Scholarship at DSU, along with the $1000 donated by WCRW. Judy Houston spotlighted this scholarship reminding us that we help spouses of our military. We are happy to support this scholarship that was started by our dear sweet Wilma Courtney!

I can't wait to hear from our Sunshine Delegation in April at our Post Legislative Forum. The session was a busy one and I am excited to learn more about what passed and didn't pass. We will be meeting at the Santa Clara Town Hall again. I hope you'll join us and bring back your friends!

Caucus meetings are March 20th. It is important that we each attend and elect our precinct leadership and county and state delegates. These folks represent our neighborhood, vet the candidates and then will select the Republican Candidate for the General Election. Please help keep our Caucus/Convention system alive and well by attending your neighborhood caucus meetings.

FRIENDLY REMINDER: a reservation made is a reservation paid. When RSVPā€™ing, please remember that if you've reserved a plate, we need you to pay for that plate and remember that you can prepay online at www.washingtoncountyrepublicanwomen.com. God Bless each of you and God Bless America!

Lesa :)
Be Cheery!